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SpeakerCraft MODE MZC-64 6 Source: 4 Zone Multi-Room Audio Controller Features


Imagine an audio system that allows you to listen to your favorite song throughout the house, or to music from different audio sources to individual rooms of your home. Sound complicated? Without the right technology and blend of control components, it would be. Leave it up to the trendsetter in distributed audio to make it easy. Introducing Multi-Zone Controllers with EZ-Pads from SpeakerCraft. Now anyone can have music anywhere they desire.

What can a multi-zone audio system do for you? The system enables you to play music from a single audio source, throughout multiple rooms of your home, all at different volume levels. You can now listen to the radio in the kitchen, while someone else relaxes to a CD in the living room, and up to six other people listen to their own music throughout the house.

Using EZ-Tools, your installer can program up to eight configurable EZ-Pads from any PC computer. Each EZ-Pad contains a built-in IR receiver with easy one button control. A single button can be touched to control one room or the entire house, whatever you desire. Thanks to the most innovative and trusted name in home audio, the finest in multi-room control has arrived. Welcome to the world of whole-house control by SpeakerCraft.

  • 6 Source, 4 Zone Multi-Room Audio Controller. 30 watts per channel x 8 channels (4 stereo zones)
  • Zone expansion: Add 3 MZC64 controllers for a maximum of 16 zones
  • Telephone and Doorbell Mute Capabilities
  • Recommend the SpeakerCraft LTM-1.0 Tool Kit to configure the MZC64 Installation

Technical Detail

  • Weight Weight : 32 lbs
  • Diamensions H=133mm W=432mm D=368mm
  • Order Code SpeakerCraft MODE MZC-64 6 Source: 4 Zone Multi-Room Audio Controller – CTL13164