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GE Security’s card readers put you in control of multiple access control devices and platforms. From proximity to smart card to biometrics, GE has card readers and credentials designed for your specific application.

GE also offers a variety of models that meet Personal Identification Verification (PIV) mandated by government and secure sector requirements, used at high-security applications. GE Transitioncard” alt=”r01937v2″ width=”140″ height=”140″ />Transition Series readers feature simultaneous compatibility with multi-vendor credential technologies—GE and HID® 125 kHz Proximity, HID Corporate 1000® Proximity, 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technologies for MIFARE® Card Serial Number (ISO 14443A), MIFARE/DESFire Card Serial Number, and Vicinity Card Serial Number (ISO 15693), including HID iCLASS® Card Serial Number—all in one reader. With this remarkable technology combination, security administrators can now deploy the Transition readers into existing or new facilities or systems—continuing to serve existing card-carrying users while migrating to the latest in security and smart card technology advancements.


GE Transition™ Series Mini-Mullion card readers offer the advantage of contactless technology in an extremely compact design. Their small size enables flexible, easy installation on walls, and mullions.

  • High-reliability, consistent read-range performance, and low power consumption
  • Proximity and Mifare/Vicinity compatible models available
  • Compact design ideal for door frames and mullions, and installs on both metal and non-metal surfaces
  • Sealed weather-resistant unit does not require a back box and is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Tri-color LEDs and audible indication for status, alarm and tamper conditions