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Speco Technologies Redefines Covert Video Security

For years, covert video meant hiding surveillance cameras from potential criminals.
Speco Technologies has now developed a new concept – hide the video recorder instead.
Let the cameras be visible as a deterrent to crime.

The new DVRWM Series of wall mounted DVRs looks like a normal burglar alarm or electrical panel hanging on the wall in a utility area, but inside is a powerful Pentaplex/H.264 networkable DVR.
Because video can be viewed remotely, the DVR does not need to be handled by the enduser.
Speco’s new DVRWM Series is the solution to DVR vandalism and theft.

Features include:

• Wall mountable DVR in a locked box for covert installation
• No accessable user controls
• Full network operation designed for remote viewing
• Analog output for initial setup
• H.264 high quality compression
• Pentaplex Operation enables simultaneous view live/playback while recording/network transfering/archiving
• Backup to USB Flash drives
• Record up to 240 fps
• Free CMS software
• IR remote control included
• Available in HDD configurations up to 2TB
• 3 year warranty

Available in 4, 8, or 16 channel, these units are both PC and Mac™ compatible